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Getting It Right With The Refs

March 29, 2023 GEFA Staff

POTTSVILLE - The GEFA has already taken steps to address the issue of referees by implementing various measures to monitor their performance. One such measure is the use of referee report cards, where coaches and team managers are asked to evaluate the performance of the referees after each game. This feedback is then used to help identify areas where referees may need additional training or support.

Another measure that the GEFA has taken is the implementation of a referee training program, where prospective referees can receive training and certification in the rules and regulations of the league. This program helps to ensure that the GEFA has a pool of qualified referees who are familiar with the league's unique style of play.

Despite these efforts, the GEFA still faces challenges when it comes to finding and training qualified referees. Many referees are hesitant to work in the GEFA due to the high level of competition and the pressure that comes with officiating at this level.

To address this issue, the GEFA must continue to invest in their referee training program, providing ongoing support and education to help their referees develop their skills and improve their performance. Additionally, the league must work to create a positive culture around refereeing, where referees feel supported and valued for the important role that they play in the game.

In conclusion, the GEFA must continue to take proactive steps to address the issue of referees, including investing in their own referee training program and providing ongoing support and education for their referees. By working together as a team and holding everyone accountable for their actions, the GEFA can ensure that their games are played fairly and with integrity, cementing their status as a proud and competitive league in the world of football.