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GEFA Hall of Fame

2024 GEFA Hall of Fame
GEFA Hall of Fame

To be eligible you have to have played for three years and be retired for at least three years and have been selected (not just show up with your pads bc we are light) to an All-Star game. There can be no less than 5 individuals and no more than 7 selected each year.

Any person may nominate someone for consideration for the Hall in either of the 3 categories listed below but once nominated they need to have the endorsement from at least two members of the selection committee in order to proceed to the ballot.

The three categories for the Hall of Fame:

  1. Players - split into two sub-categories. Modern Era (2015 - present) and Old Guard (2005 - 2014)
  2. Coaches
  3. Contributor - someone who has gone above and beyond to advance the GEFA

Once endorsed that person is put on the first ballot for consideration, at the selection meeting to move forward that person must receive 75% of the vote to move to the second ballot. If that nomination receives between 34% to 74% they will stay on the first ballot for future consideration. You can stay on a ballot for five years. If you receive less than 33% you are immediately removed from the ballot.

Those who make it to the second ballot will be announced at the Rob Marrero Memorial Kickoff Classic and the last round of voting will be conducting in a descending order (i.e. 15 being the highest, 1 being the lowest). Once the voting has concluded the candidates per their respective categories receive induction into the Hall of Fame.