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In 2007, fresh off of their second season, the GEFA, which was known as the PFL6 at the time, did something that many leagues didn't really do. They came together and went against Canada.

John Thellion and company devised a plan to get their little known league recognized when they accepted the challenge from Team Canada, a team that hadn't be beaten in almost a decade.

This group of rag tag individuals assembled like the Avengers or was it like Motley Crue? Either way, twenty-two men, led by Ron Coughlin and John Thellion headed over to the Garden State and pulled off the upset in a fashion only they could. As time expired Vincent Skoff found Marques Haynes for the touchdown and the PFL6 All-Stars won, 26-24.

Here's a look at their roster from that historic game.

Name Position Team
Ed Cox QB Brawlers
Vincent Skoff QB Stallions
Sy Patterson RB Brawlers
Kevin High RB Stallions
William Smith RB Brawlers
Frank Susino WR Brawlers
Travis Wrobbel WR Energy
Marquis Haynes TE Brawlers
Bill Smith TE Energy
Chris Long OL Stallions
Bill Lawton OL Brawlers
John Mulligan OL Brawlers
Steve Fernsler OL Thunder
Bill Deiter DL Thunder
Charles Funson DL Stallions
Jayson Smith DL Brawlers
Dave Strollo DL Brawlers
Nathan Fry LB Energy
Jack Deitterick LB Stallions
Fred Leo DB Brawlers
Eric Roush DB Maniax
Jai Jai Morgan DB
Coaching Staff
John Thellion Stallions
Ron Coughlin Energy