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Rivalry Games


Rivalry games, everyone has them. From DuBois vs. Mount Joy to Mova vs. Dauphin County, these games are what makes football exciting. Players every year circle that game on their calendars and it means that much more to win that game.

What makes these games even better is when a trophy is involved. Whether its a lump of coal, a milk jug, a helmet, or an actual trophy players love making games mean something.

In 2010, the Elizabethtown Mustangs and Mount Joy Cyclones created the Battle of Lancaster until 2013 when the Mustangs left the GEFA for another league. The winner would receive a helmet that featured each team.

In 2012, after the tragic injury of Rob Marrero, the Mountain Top Reapers and Panther Valley Breaker Boys played in the Rob Marrero Bowl until both teams merged in 2016.

In 2014, Justin McNulty created the Coal Bowl, an annual game that played for a lump of coal between the Schuylkill County Predators and the Anthracite Diamondbacks. Then later switching out the Diamondbacks for the Haven Warhawks before settling with the Coal Region Tigers.

In 2016, then Warriors owner Tyler Gates decided to create a "Best in the Northeast" trophy game between the Wilkes-Barre Warriors and the NEPA Shock. Then in 2023 when the Shock were no more replaced them with the Hazleton Mustangs.

In 2019, newly elected President James Simerson decided to bring back the old Penn/Jersey history by creating the Penn/Jersey Showdown with former League Founder, John Thellion as the NEPA Shock faced off against the Monmouth Rage.

Here is the history of each historic "trophy" game.

Battle Of Lancaster

Year Away Home Winner
2013 Mustangs Cyclones Mustangs
2012 Mustangs Cyclones Cyclones
2011 Cyclones Mustangs Mustangs
2010 Mustangs Cyclones Mustangs
Overall Record: Mustangs lead 3-1

Rob Marrero Bowl

Year Away Home Winner
2015 Reapers Breaker Boys Breaker Boys
2014 Breaker Boys Reapers Breaker Boys
2013 Reapers Breaker Boys Reapers
2012 Breaker Boys Reapers Reapers
Overall Record: Tied 2-2

Coal Bowl

Year Away Home Winner
2018 Tigers Predators Tigers
2017 Tigers Predators Predators
2016 Warhawks Predators Predators
2015 Predators Warhawks Predators
2014 Diamondbacks Predators Predators
Overall Record: Predators lead 4-1

Battle of the Northeast

Year Away Home Winner
2022 Shock Warriors Warriors
2021 Warriors Shock Warriors
2020 Shock Warriors Shock
2019 Shock Warriors Warriors
2018 Shock Warriors Shock
2017 Warriors Shock Shock
2016 Shock Warriors Shock
Overall Record: Shock leads 4-3

Penn/Jersey Showdown

Year Away Home Winner
2021 Rage Shock Shock
2020 Rage Shock Shock
2019 Shock Rage Shock
Overall Record: Shock leads 3-0

Best of the Northeast

Year Away Home Winner
2024 Warriors Mustangs Warriors
2023 Mustangs Warriors Mustangs
Overall Record: Tied 1-1