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In 2017, after numerous years of talking about it, the game that never was supposed to happen, happened. The Flight 21 All-Star Clash between the GEFA All-Stars and the rival MIFL All-Stars finally became a reality.

The game started with a call from a familiar face, John Thellion. John, who was the founding father of the GEFA, had left to help start a new league, the Major Indoor Football League with former GEFA alum, Rio Prisco. John got in touch with former player and Keystone Bowl winning coach Travis Grobes who put John in touch with up and coming GEFA secretary, James Simerson. The two talked for about a month or so before the 2017 season started and then just like that, everything went cold again until about late May when the two started talks again.

After the GEFA board of owners agreed to the game, it was set at the Whitehall Rink for July. A lot of was riding on this game, more so a lot of pride from both leagues. In the end, the GEFA prevailed when Brock Mitchell hit Matt Riddick for the go ahead touchdown and Nick Parlanti made a spectacular 4th and goal stand to seal the win, 27-25.

Here's a look at their roster from that historic game.

Name Position Team
Brock Mitchell QB Shock
Shane Scott QB Vikings
James Sweeting RB Braves
Brian Tamburlin RB Mountain Lions
Malik Breon RB Vikings
Tyler Corrales WR Hitmen
Xavier Warner WR Wildcats
Matt Riddick WR Predators
Wayne Lee WR Tigers
Eric Stroup WR Braves
Jeremy Stouffer OL Hitmen
Caleb Hueston OL Mountain Lions
Shayne Clark OL Hitmen
Micah McConnell OL Vikings
Stevie Eisenhuth DL Vikings
Tyler Deiter DL Comanche
Anthony Jenkins DL Vikings
Mick Parlanti DL Shock
Stephen Walker LB Hitmen
Chad McHenry LB Vikings
Jay Adderly LB Wildcats
Matt Jenkins LB Vikings
Gabe George DB Hitmen
Matt Talerico DB Shock
Tyrus Winstead DB Hitmen
Sean Steave DB Vikings
Coaching Staff
Name Team
James Simerson Shock
Dan Beatty Vikings
Travis Grobes Maniacs
Monk Williams Comanche
Ziggy Wisniewski Maniacs
Thor Marlow Vikings